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Would Trade Husband for a Sack of Crawfish DTF Transfer

Would Trade Husband for a Sack of Crawfish DTF Transfer

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This is a DTF (direct to film) transfer.

COLOR: Full Color
SIZE: 9.6x11" 
TEMPERATURE: 285-310 Degrees Fahrenheit, Medium/Heavy Pressure.
PRE-PRESS: Pre-press fabric (not transfer) for 5-7 seconds to remove wrinkles & moisture. 
INSTRUCTIONS: Cover transfer with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet to prevent transfer from sticking to heat press. Press transfer 10 seconds. Peel warm/cool. Recover and press for another 10 seconds.

HEAT PRESS IS REQUIRED. You must have even time, temp, and pressure. Do not use a home iron or Easy Press.

My suggested temps are just starting points. They may vary based on your heat press. I highly recommend a heat gun to check your heat press temperature.

I will not refund due to user error. Please calibrate and make sure your heat press has even temperature, time, & pressure needed for each transfer.

Artwork is the property of Greedy Stitches & may not be copied, shared, resold, or altered. Copyright @2020 Greedy Stitches.

By placing your order with Greedy Stitches, you accept my terms of use and understand what you are ordering.










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