Digital FAQs

Does your shop accept custom cut file and print file orders?

Unfortunately, I do not. This policy may change in the future, so please check back here frequently. If I do accept a custom design, it must be purchased within 48 hours after the listing link has been sent to you. If you do not purchase your design within 48 hours, it will be deactivated and I will decline any future design requests from you. At this time, I am not accepting custom requests on machine embroidery designs.

How do you unzip a zipped folder?

On PC: After download, locate the zipped file on your computer and select it. While the zipped folder is highlighted (or selected), right click on the file then select "Extract." This will unzip the file folder.

On Mac: Double click the zipped file.

I cannot find the SVG file after unzipping the file folder. Did I not get it?

All of my designs are saved in SVG format first, then the other types are saved. With this being said, every listing has an SVG file. If you are not seeing it, it's because your device is defaulting it into an HTML. The SVG file will look like an HTML file. When I buy SVG's, my operating system shows them as an HTML and they still work in my software. If this doesn't work, you can contact me and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

Do you provide technical support?

No, but I will try my best to help if you are having an issue with one of my files. There are tons of informative videos geared towards desktop cutters.  While most of my files are quite simple, many of my files are intended for experienced users. As much as I’d like to help new users with their cutting machines, software, and computers, I'm not always available to provide technical support. If you are using an online system (Cricut DS, Scan N Cut's online WorkSpace), SVG's can be listed as an HTML. Those HTML's are the SVG and will work as an SVG.

My files are not downloading or not working with my program. What can I do?

These issues do not happen too often, but they do happen. This normally occurs when you are dealing with files that are being delivered digitally.

If your files are not working after downloading and unzipping (extracting), it most likely means they were corrupted in the download process (this includes not being able to ungroup the SVG). This can and does happen when your download speed is slow and sometimes for unexplained reasons. If this does happen, delete the files and try again. If they still will not open correctly, please contact me. I will respond to you within 24 hours and will send you a new file.

Also, if you use Silhouette software, you must have the upgraded version to access SVG files.  Without upgrading, you will only have access to the DXF and PNG file formats.

I'm unable to ungroup my SVG. What can I do?

If your files are not ungrouping after downloading and unzipping (extracting), this could be for several reasons.  Possibility 1 would be that the files were corrupted in the download process). This can and does happen when your download speed is slow and sometimes for unexplained reasons. If this does happen, delete the files and download again. If they still will not open and operate correctly, please contact me. I will respond to you within 24 hours and will send you a new file.

Possibility 2 would be that you're trying to ungroup the PNG.  Go back into the file list and see if there is an HTML document.  If you see the HTML document, that is the SVG.

Do you offer your designs as machine embroidery files?

Yes & no. I just started digitizing them myself, so it's taking some time to weed through & determine which designs would work as embroidery files. Again, I've just started to digitize, so I'm still learning and trying to build my cache of designs. If you see a cut file or a printable file that you'd like to see as an embroidery file, shoot me a message & I'll see what I can do. Just please be aware that not all of my designs would work well as an embroidery version.

Do you digitize your designs?

Yes, I do! I do have one that I did not, but if you'd like that businesses name, just let me know.

Do you offer custom machine embroidery designs?

I do not at this time.

Do you stitch all of your embroidery designs before listing or selling?

I do. Either I or my testers stitch the embroidery files to check & confirm quality. I use scrap fabric to stitch on so nothing gets ruined. If I've remembered to take my phone into my sweatshop, I record a small video towards the end of each stitch out so I can add to listings. Since I use scrap fabric from around the house, my test stitch outs very rarely ever match. I've recently started exporting the finished stitched files as .png files to use in mock ups for listings. If I have done the test stitching, I do try to include an image of the finished product. If my testers have stitched it, I also try to include an image of their finished product with their name or initials/business name on the image.