Every digital design carries a commercial use license and personal use license. The commercial license includes: in house outsourcing, no print on demand, no sending the files off to an embroiderer, seamstress, screen printer, DTF'er, sub printer, etc. As long as you, the business owner/hobbyist cuts, prints, or stitches the design in house, you are allowed to use it (for sale of physical products).


Again, I DO NOT ALLOW THIRD PARTY PRINTERS. If you sell any type of transfer with my designs, make sure you’re the one making the transfer, in house. Absolutely, no third party. I consider it file sharing. In other words....NO OUTSOURCING.


  • make unlimited items for personal use and gifting
  • make sublimation, screen print, DTF, or HTV transfers to sell as long as you are the one printing in-house.
  • if after purchase, you make a mock up or other image available on your website, selling platform, etc, with my designs, you must place an obvious watermark over the image (at least 50% transparency). If you do not, you are in violation of my TOU.


  • resell the digital designs in any form
  • take parts or sections from any design or design sets and sell in digital form
  • share the digital designs
  • make patches from Greedy Stitches designs
  • use for a POD operation
  • send to 3rd party printers or suppliers
  • digitize the designs


If you are purchasing files individually or you're a yearly digital membership holder and are found to be sharing files, your IP address will be blocked, your membership will be terminated immediately (if applicable) without being issued a refund, and all evidence of file sharing will be forwarded to my attorney to begin the appropriate paperwork. This includes sharing in "dump" or share groups on social media, sharing files via email, messenger, or through any other electronic transmissions. These files are for your use only.