Screen Print FAQs

Screen Print Application

The MOST IMPORTANT tip for applying screen print transfers is easy peasy: You MUST use a heat press. The ONLY WAY to insure that you have the correct temperature and pressure needed to properly apply the transfers is with a well calibrated heat press.

TEMPERATURE: 325 Degrees Fahrenheit

PRE-PRESS: Pre-press fabric (not transfer) for 7 seconds to remove wrinkles & moisture
TIME: 7 Seconds
PRESSURE: High Pressure (60PSI Automatic; HEAVY 8-9 Manual)
PEEL: Hot Peel/Immediately
HEAT PRESS IS REQUIRED. You must have even time, temp, and pressure. Do not use a home iron or Easy Press.


Screen print transfers are great for most fabrics and colors. They can easily be applied to cotton, polyester, &/or blends.  Please test if you're using waterproof, water resistant, or fireproof garments.

My suggested temps are just starting points.  They may vary based on your heat press. I highly recommend a heat gun to check your heat press temperature.  If your press is too hot, the screen will look faded.  If you're unfamiliar with my transfers please consider ordering a test print.  

I will not refund due to user error.  Please calibrate and make sure your heat press has even temperature, time, & pressure needed for each transfer.


Why is my transfer cracking?

Screen print transfers are ink applied to release paper that adheres to your shirt once you press it.  Just like any other ink, it must have time to cure.  Screen prints need the perfect combination of pressure, heat, & time.  If one of those isn't correct, the transfer will not cure properly.

Here are a few top reasons screen print ink cracks:

  • PRESSURE– not enough pressure when the transfer was applied. You need 60psi HEAVY pressure for screen prints. 
  • TIME & SET TIME– length of time the transfer was pressed isn’t typically the cause, but if you need to, you can increase your time a few seconds. More important is the time AFTER you press.  It's recommended that you let your shirt lay flat to finish curing for 24 hours after pressing. Don’t wear it, fold it, wash it, etc. 
  • STRETCHING– this is a very common cause of cracking.  Screen print transfers are not stretchy. If your shirt is too small and you stretch it when you put it on, the ink will crack. 
  • MOISTURE– pre-press shirts for 4-5 seconds before applying the transfers. This helps remove moisture out of the shirt. Removing moisture will help the transfer adhere.
  • FABRIC SOFTENER– fabric softener is horrible on screen prints. Please do not use it.
  • DRYING– fabric that has had screen prints applied to, need to hang to dry. Hang to dry the finish product.


Why is my transfer a little different color than the pictures?

There are several reasons this is happening. One reason is that the sample photos are digital mockups. They will be a little brighter than the actual prints. 

Your heat press temperature is too high. Colors are extremely sensitive to heat.  As recommended in every listing, check your heat press temperatures with a heat gun. 


Can I use your images to gauge interest in my group/store?

Yes, go for it!  YOU MUST WATERMARK THEM!  You must place your watermark on the mocks. Not doing so is against my TOU.  I have albums of mockups in the GS Facebook group.  You are more than welcomed to use those as well.


Can I resell the prints?

Short answer? No. You may press the transfers onto physical products and sell the physical products.