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Scalloped Patriotic American Flag Monogram HTV Transfer

Scalloped Patriotic American Flag Monogram HTV Transfer

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COLOR: Full Color
SIZE: 10" wide (adult) or 7" wide (youth)
TEMPERATURE: 305 Degrees Fahrenheit
PRE-PRESS: Pre-press fabric (not transfer) for 5-7 seconds to remove wrinkles & moisture
TIME: 5 Seconds
PRESSURE: Medium pressure, cover with Teflon sheet or parchment paper.
PEEL: Hot Peel/Immediately, cover and repress for 10 second.
HEAT PRESS IS REQUIRED. You must have even time, temp, and pressure. Do not use a home iron.


Please enter the monogram in the order you wish it to be printed. Typically, monograms are in order of first name initial, last name initial, and then middle name initial. Your monogram will be printed in the exact order you type in, so please make sure you enter the correct letters and order. If your name is Jane Lane Cane, then you would type in JCL. 

Printable HTV transfers are great for most fabrics and colors. They can easily be applied to cotton, polyester, &/or blends. Please test if you're using waterproof, water resistant, or fireproof garments.

You are more than welcome to use my listing images, but you MUST use a watermark that will be placed over the design. Please do not post without your watermark. If you post without your watermark, you are going against my TOU. If you would a mockup of the screen print, please join the Greedy Stitches Facebook group ( I will have albums with (mostly) unwatermarked mocks. I will not provide alternate mockups. I have pressed each transfer, so if I've taken a real life, in use picture, it'll be the third/last image. Of course, please take lighting & the fact I use my cell phone to snap into account--the area I press in has awful lighting (will remedy that soon 😉) & I try not to use flash.

My suggested temps are just starting points. They may vary based on your heat press. I highly recommend a heat gun to check your heat press temperature. If you're unfamiliar with my transfers please consider ordering a test print.

I will not refund due to user error. Please calibrate and make sure your heat press has even temperature, time, & pressure needed for each transfer.

COMMERCIAL USE is allowed, but with some limitations. You're allowed to press this print on any type of physical product & sell that physical product. You're NOT ALLOWED to resell this transfer on it's own, it must be applied to a finished piece.

Artwork is the property of Greedy Stitches & may not be copied, shared, resold, or altered. Copyright @2020 Greedy Stitches.

By placing your order with GreedyStitchesPrints, you accept my terms of use and understand what you are ordering.







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