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Crawfish Scalloped Monogram Sublimation Transfer

Crawfish Scalloped Monogram Sublimation Transfer

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In the text box, please type the monogram how you would like it to be printed. I like my last name in the middle, so I prefer it to be printed in this format: first name initial, LAST NAME INITIAL, middle name initial. Example: If your name is Janine Anne Williams, type jWa. These can be printed with or without the extras frame.

COLOR: Full color

SIZE: Adult XL--12" 
         Adult -----11" 
         Adult Sm--10" 
         Youth XL---8"   
         Youth Sm/Pocket-----3.5" 
TEMPERATURE: 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
PRE-PRESS: Pre-press fabric (not transfer) for 7 seconds to remove wrinkles & moisture
TIME: 60 seconds
PRESSURE: High Pressure (60PSI Automatic; HEAVY 8-9 Manual)
PEEL: Hot Peel/Immediately
HEAT PRESS IS REQUIRED. You must have even time, temp, and pressure. Do not use a home iron or Easy Press.


Sublimation transfers are great for high content polyester and light colors.  Many suggest using at least 50% polyester content, but I recommend nothing less than 65% polyester.

You are¬†more than welcome to use my listing images, but you MUST use a watermark that will be placed over the design.¬† Please do not post without your watermark.¬† If you post without your watermark, you are going against my TOU.¬† I will not provide alternate mockups.¬† I have pressed each transfer, so¬†if¬†I've taken a real life, in use picture, it'll be the last image.¬† Of course, please take lighting¬†& the fact I use my cell phone to snap into account--the¬†area I press in¬†has awful lighting (will remedy that soon ūüėČ)¬†& I try not to use flash.

My suggested temps are just starting points.  They may vary based on your heat press. I highly recommend a heat gun to check your heat press temperature.  If you're unfamiliar with my transfers please consider ordering a test print.

I will not refund due to user error.  Please calibrate and make sure your heat press has even temperature, time, & pressure needed for each transfer.



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